Single project or occasional services in Belgium


Do you wish to practice in Belgium?


If you wish to carry out a single project or perform occasional services in Belgium and you are a national of a country of the European Union or of another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, you must request your registration on the register of service providers held by the National Council of the Order of Architects.

To be registered in the register of service providers, simply send a request for service provision, preferably by email, to the legal department of the National Council of the Order of Architects. This request must include several documents listed below.


  • A copy of the diploma, certificate or other title listed in the Annex to the Law of 20 February 1939.
  • Proof that the beneficiary is legally performing the activities in question in the Member State where he/she is established (certificate issued by your Order). If neither the profession nor the training leading to the profession is regulated in the Member State of establishment, proof that you have acquired at least one year's practical experience during the ten years preceding the service .
  • Proof of a professional liability insurance contract covering the ten-year liability (example: a certificate). This document may be issued by an insurance institution of another Member State if it specifies that the insurer has complied with the legal and regulatory requirements in force in Belgium regarding the modalities and scope of warranty. The requirements the insurance policy must meet are regulated by the law of 31 May 2017 on the compulsory ten-year civil liability insurance of contractors, architects and other providers in the construction sector and amending the law of 20 February 1939 on the protection of the title and the profession of architect and article 15 of the royal decree of 18 April 1985 approving the Rules of deontology established by the National Council of the Order of Architects.
  • The proof of nationality of the service provider (copy of the identity card or passport) ;
  • The pre-declaration form for first-time provision of services
  • A declaration form on the mission of the architect (for each planning permission)
  • A statement on the honour attesting that the architect(s) who submitted the above documents will be sole responsible for the design and control of the performance of the work for the project in the name of and on behalf of the company, when the request for service is introduced by a legal person (insured).

Once you have submitted these documents, the National Council will check, at its next meeting, whether you are entering into the conditions provided by the European directive 2005/36/EC of 7 September 2005 of the European parliament and council relating to the recognition of professional qualifications. If this is the case, you will receive a certificate of registration on the list of service providers.

The Council of the Order - which will be responsible in particular for ensuring that you comply with the code of ethics - will also receive this certificate.

In due course, you will also have to send the declaration of end of service to the National Council.